Memories of a Sappy Grad

Waking up this morning, I realized something; I never have to attend a college class again. I never have to write another paper, work on another project, take another test or cram for another final

I. Am. Done.

I walked out of my last class yesterday thinking of all the memories Baylor has given me, both good and bad. I thought of all the friends I gained, and all the wisdom ( I hope) I obtained.

So, in honor of finishing classes, not having finals, and waiting patiently for graduation in 11 days, I thought I would list my top 10 memories from these past three and a half years.

  1. Homecoming 2012 (Sophomore Year)
    – Homecoming is great every year, but none compared to sophomore year. It was sophomore year when I had a bonding moment with my best friend and big sister in every sense of the word. We were already friends but after crying in a restaurant bathroom together for an hour, for no apparent reason whatsoever only to be dragged out by her boyfriend who was not amused, we were pretty much inseparable. IMG_4644
  1. Big / Little Reveal 2013 (Sophomore Year)
    – This may seem like a typical sorority tradition, and many are not affected by it. Fortunately for me, this is not the case. I gained two of the most important parts of my life that day, my twins, and I am so thankful for them. Not only was I blessed to have my best friend as my little, but also I was blessed with TWO. Even better, bonds stronger than friendship bind them to me. We are family after all IMG_4823
  1. Ranch Trip 2012 (Freshman Year)
    – Taking a ranch trip with my new sorority sisters, whom I barely knew, turned out to be one of the best memories of my time in college, from what I can remember. Apprehensive at first, those girls soon became my best friends in college. I don’t know if it was the white girl wasted tears, the dancing, or the seclusion, but our friendship took a turn for the better that night, thus making it one of my happiest memories.
  1. Halloween 2013 (Junior Year)
    – Dressing up like a loofah with my roommates, drinking purple margaritas, and making a fool of myself pretty much sums up my favorite Halloween. Oh, and not to mention the waking up at 6:00 to get to an internship interview by 8:00 and showing up with glitter still in my hair from the night before… I guess sometimes our ratchet moments turn out to be the most memorable, and they are always good for a laugh. 1422627_10152109928677985_1788648470_n
  1. Girls Wine Nights 2014 (Senior Year)
    – Wine nights with girlfriends are some of my favorite times, especially this past semester. Living with two of my best friends and always having a drinking buddy really tops it off (literally). Whether our nights included popcorn, peanut butter, Scandal or cookie making, I am so glad my best friends share my addiction to red wine
  1. KU Road Trip 2013 (Junior Year)
    – Road trips are always a fun idea. Combined with roommates, football, and two college campus and it becomes the best road trip in the history of road trips. My roommates and I traveled to the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas to watch Baylor slaughter the disgusting, gross Jayhawks. On the way, we stopped in Stillwater, Oklahoma for the night to see what Oklahoma State had to offer, which wasn’t much in case you were wondering. We also had a blast stealing alcohol from boys we didn’t know, taking school flags from frats we weren’t invited to, getting lost in stadiums we had never been to and making it home safe and sound only to fully appreciate that we go to the best university, and all others fail in comparison.


  1. My 21st Birthday 2014 (Junior Year)
    – Because turning 21 HAS to be on the list. And, it made me realize all my friends are much better people than I am (for reasons I am not going to post online).


  1. Studying Abroad in Italy 2014 (Senior Year)
    – Not only did I make some of the best memories of my life, but I also met girls who I now consider some of my best friends. I learned a lot about myself, my desire for traveling, and the world in general. Studying abroad really impacted my dreams and beliefs and I will always cherish the summer I spent abroad.


  1. Last Home Football Game 2014 (Senior Year)
    -AKA ESPN GAMEDAY AKA BACK-TO-BACK BIG 12 CHAMPIONS. The day started with sneaking into the VIP section of Gameday and ended with another Big 12 Championship title. In between, my roommates and I met Head Coach Art Briles and President Ken Starr, and we had an even more amazing last game than we ever dared to dream of.


  1. Graduation
    – Although it hasn’t happened yet, I know this will be my happiest memory because all my hard work, all my tears, all my struggles and all my successes will culminate into one final, glorified moment, and it will be, without a doubt, the happiest of my last four years.


People always tell me that college will be the happiest years of my life, that everything else fails in comparison and that I should enjoy it while it lasts. I find that thought extremely depressing; however, they have a point. These past three and a half years have been amazing, and I am going to be extremely sad to see them go. But, I know my life isn’t over. Heck, it has barely even begun. I hope my life improves with every passing year, and although my college years will be hard to top, I know the best is yet to come. So, here’s to Baylor, here’s to my friends, and here’s to the memories that I will hold with me for the rest of my life.


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