Sometimes it’s the Little Things

It was 3:00 p.m., and all I could think about was my rumbling stomach. My mind tried to focus on the work in front of me, but my hunger forced its way to the forefront of my thoughts. I ate lunch three hours before, and I was desperate for my stomach to pipe down and keep quiet until I could leave work, go home, and eat.

Then it hit me.

I live in freaking New York City. There are a million places to eat within a 30 second walk. Not to mention, Chelsea Market is half a block away from me.

With that notion in my head I grabbed my wallet, grabbed my coat and grabbed my keys. I left the light on, I left my computer on, and I left my office door open. Not more than a minute later, I was outside, basking in the cold, bright sunshine and walking toward the market.

As I approached the market I marveled at the old-timey feel next to the modern construction I just passed. The building is rustic and aged, but it automatically makes you feel at home. The road leading me there was brick, preserved from the inevitable modernization. It seemed as if I took a step back in time, a step back from reality, and a step back from my stress, until my hunger brought me back into reality.

I made my way past the sit-down restaurants, because I didn’t have time for that. I made my way past the sweets store, because health. And, finally I found it. My glorious new mecca of food booths: an organic nut shop. It’s name? NutBox.

IMG_4150Now, I only had about $6 on me, and I am on a budget, so I don’t allow myself to use my debit card for “whim” purchases. I meticulously scanned for the cheapest, but healthiest, option. I didn’t want chocolate mixed in with my food… Because, again, health. And, I didn’t want to buy just dried fruit, because it IS the nutbox after all… This may seem like a simple decision, but I was there for a solid five minutes trying to decide.

After my careful deliberation, I decided to go with the “Soynut Health Mix” with almonds, pumpkin seeds, soynuts, raisins and craisins. It was a rather large bag, the size of an organic granola bag you might get at the grocery store. So I was happy to see it was only $5.99, the exact amount I had in my wallet. Win. Win. Win!

I paid the only employee in the store, decided to forego the plastic grocery bag, and walked the two minutes back to my office where I snacked on the dried fruits of my genius labors.

With my hunger finally satisfied and a smile on my face, I happily finished my workday. Sometimes, it’s the little things about New York City, like being able to find a popup nut shop less than a two minute walk away, that remind me why I love this living here so much.


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