Brooklyn, Brunch and Baseball

The sun is finally out in New York City, the moods of New Yorkers are improving all around, faces are starting to flush with a touch of sun, and rare smiles can be spotted on bustling commuters. All of this means you can find New Yorkers (or just my friends) participating in one of three outdoor activities; Brooklyn, brunch and baseball.


Last weekend, my roommate and I decided we wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and go to Smorgasburg, a food fair that takes place every weekend in Brooklyn. Imagine a state fair, carnival, or farmers’ market. Take out all the rides and attractions, leave the food stands, and you get a glimpse of what Smorgasburg is like.

We didn’t necessarily have success at first. See, being newbies, we just assumed it was near the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday and Sunday. So, on Saturday we decided to cross off our bucket list, walk across the bridge and eat some food-tent food. After trekking across a cram-packed bridge (because everyone seemed to have the same idea), and getting lost in Brooklyn, we realized that on Saturdays, Smorgasburg was in Williamsburg, AKA not close to the Brooklyn Bridge… (New York 1, Alex and Melissa 0)

At this point we were feeling the 60 degree heat (haha), we were sweating, and we were in desperate need of a bathroom. Fortunately we stumbled across a small diner where we planned on ordering a cup of coffee, so we could use the bathroom without feeling guilty and then find a subway to take us back to Manhattan.IMG_4391

We walked in, and immediately we knew we didn’t belong. The bar was hipster at its core, with men in man buns and plaid and their girlfriends in combat boots, nose piercings and half-shaved heads. Not that there was anything wrong with this, but we were two “cute” girls, dressed in nice shirts, jeans, flats and Kate-Spade purses; we weren’t what you would consider “hipster”. Nevertheless, we took our seats and ordered so we could use the bathroom.

The brunch was surprisingly amazing. I had a mushroom omelet with goat cheese, and my roommate had scrambled eggs. We ate, paid, peed and hurried out. It wasn’t until we got home that we realized we were in the wrong spot… So, we vowed to go back the following day and take the train instead of walking.

We were definitely thankful we did.

Brooklyn is now one of my favorite places in the city. Not only are all the buildings quaint and cute, but the streets are quiet, the trees are blooming, and the views are breathtaking. We walked along the pier and were mesmerized by the skyline of New York City across East River. If I could afford to live anywhere in New York, it would be along the pier, just so I could wake up to that view every morning.

Smorgasburg was crowded to say the least. It seemed like half of Manhattan and all of Brooklyn decided that today was going to be the day they went to Smorgasburg. But, it was worth it. We grabbed a snack and the most amazing green, ginger iced teas and walked along the pier to enjoy the sunshine and the view.

All in all, my experience in Brooklyn was definitely one of my favorites, even though we had a few mishaps along the way.


Dive bars are meant for more than dancing and drinking; on weekend mornings, they are meant for brunching, in a bottomless sense.

One of my favorite parts of New York City is brunch, and I KNOW I am not alone in this thought. From bottomless mimosas, to comforting bar food, you really cannot ask for more in life.

My friends and I go to one of the cheaper locations where you have to arrive 15 minutes before opening just to ensure you get a table. But it is worth it, because you pay $20 for a meal and unlimited mimosas for two hours. Honestly, what’s not to love?IMG_4434

We sang to the music, we stuffed our faces, and talked for hours with a few bathroom breaks, Instagram posts and SnapChats in-between.

In all actuality, the food could have been crappy, and the bar could have been gross, but I wouldn’t have cared any differently. When you’re with six of your girlfriends any brunch setting is fun, and believe me we had a good time. We ended up staying for about two and a half hours, arriving at 11:00 a.m. and leaving by 1:30 p.m., and I don’t want to try to count how many mimosas everyone had.


Before I start, let me just say, no matter where I live, I will forever and always be a Kansas City Royals fan.

But, sports are sports, and after working four years for Baylor Athletics, I have learned to love them in every way, shape and form (I never thought THAT would come out of my mouth). So, when your friends are all going to the Mets game, you go to the Mets game. When your friends all get excited, you get excited. And, when your friends all buy a Mets t-shirt, you politely refuse and wear Mets-ish colors…. Because I have to draw the line somewhere, right?

Citi Field is spectacular, absolutely stunning. From the brick exterior to the green field, I was definitely impressed; however, the best part of going to a game in New York City is the fact that you don’t have to worry about driving, paying for parking, finding a parking space and making sure you have a sober driver to take you home. Instead, you can take the subway.IMG_4440

For me, baseball is all about whom you’re with. Baseball is one of those sports where you can sit and talk, without paying much attention, and you still don’t miss anything. There were a few exciting moments and a lot of funny ones. We paid way too much for food and definitely annoyed everyone around us. But, it was a fantastic game and an experience I am eager to repeat.

Like I said, with sunshine comes excitement. And my past few weekends here have definitely proved that theory. People are kinder, the skyline is brighter, and even the pigeons seem less annoying. In the end though, it isn’t what you do that makes New York City so fun, it’s whom you do it with.


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