Meatballs at Pescatore

The evening was cool, and the sky was cloudy. Our spirits were down, and we were in desperate need of a pick-me-up. Thus began the desire for a “hump day treat”.

Wednesdays are difficult. You want them to be Thursdays, but they aren’t. Yes, you successfully made it through three entire workdays, but you still have two more days until Saturday…

This past Wednesday, to lift my spirits, I decided to go out to dinner. Nothing is more satisfying than not having to cook, clean, or suffer through sub-par food. I eagerly texted my roommate on Wednesday morning, and it was decided; we were going to try one of the restaurants we had our eye on.

Only a block away we walked into Pescatore, a small Italian eatery as quaint as it was delicious. We walked in to dim lighting and the aromas of fresh basil, mozzarella and marinara flooding our senses with euphoric joy.

IMG_4609We sat down and immediately looked at the menu. Although there wasn’t much on it, all the food sounded delicious. After debating with myself for about 20 minutes, and then asking the waitress I decided I was going to order the meatballs. Yes, just meatballs. It was an appetizer, and I can never resist; they are my favorite food. To accompany my meatballs, I ordered a small arugula salad, which sounded like a healthy balance to me.

Although my order was probably unconventional, the waitress took our menus. Within minutes our fresh food, worthy of Italy, arrived. It. Was. Beautiful.

My three meatballs were strategically placed on a three-dip dish. My salad was an array of green, red and purple. The colors blended as well on the plate as they did on my taste buds.

Cutting my meatball into pieces, I began to devour my meal, in the most lady-like way possible, of course. I alternated between a bite of meatball and salad, so my food might last a little longer. But, hunger and desire overtook my patience, and my food was gone far too soon. Although I was stuffed, I wished more would magically appear.

IMG_4605I sat at my seat with my eyes closed trying desperately to remember each flavor; the arugula, parmesan, marinara, mozzarella and garlic danced in the forefront of my mind, and I vowed to return.

Meatballs are by far my favorite food, and Pescatore outshines even the most famous meatball dishes. Although it is a little pricey, I could taste the worth in every single bite.


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