The Truth About Loners

I wrote this piece for Thought Catalog. I hope you enjoy!

Thought Catalog

We all have those friends who would rather spend a Saturday night inside reading rather than going out to a bar and being social. We all wonder what the heck they are thinking; there is a whole world out there, and we want them to experience it. We just don’t understand. We cannot imagine anything more satisfying than being around other people. We call them loners, and while we love them; we don’t get it.

I am one of those loners. I am the girl who would rather spend her Saturday morning at a café, alone, than walking around talking and gabbing with friends. I am the girl who would rather read on a Friday night than go for drinks at a bar. I can be found in the movies by myself or wandering aimlessly in the park. I like being alone; in fact, I crave it.

You might think…

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