5 Reasons Why I Stopped Dieting And Started Living Instead

I wrote this because it’s true! Hopefully you can relate!

Thought Catalog

Flickr / Leo HidalgoFlickr / Leo Hidalgo

The word “diet” is often the most hated and feared four-letter word in the English language. It is associated with pain, success, struggle and failure. We “fail” at our diet when we can’t lose weight or we “succeed” at our diet when we finally lose those last ten pounds that have been hanging on our hips since freshman year at college. No body wants to go on a diet, and yet it seems like everyone has been on one at one point or another. Sadly, I have even met 11 year-old girls who say they are on a “diet”. That, to me, is messed up.

A chronic dieter myself, I have done everything from no carbs to oatmeal three times a day. None of it lasted. I might have lost a few pounds here and there, but it all came back. I felt like a failure…

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