Pizza, Wine and Friends; The Ultimate Friday Combination

Few things mesh together better than good pizza, good wine and good conversation. So, whenever a friend comes to visit, I automatically suggest we go to John’s Pizzeria of Times Square. I am never disappointed.

I know it is a “tourist” restaurant. I know it is in the heart of Times Square. I know a 45-minute wait is the norm. Yet, I could care less, because I also know it is worth it.Johns inside

For starters, even a seat at the bar while you wait is a good time. The bartenders are old, New York natives and full of great conversations and life stories. The first time I took a friend there we spent the entire night at the bar, eating pizza and talking crap about New York rent and subways. The hours pass by, and before we knew it the bartender was serving us water to sober us up before our Broadway show. The service was impeccable; sitting at the bar is definitely a treat.

If, by chance you make it to your table, you will not be disappointed. The old church-turned-restaurant is a magnificent combination of stain-glassed ceilings and Italian pizzeria décor. The lighting is dim, the tables are old, stained wood. The place settings are simple and, most importantly, the vibe is loud and vibrant. You honestly could not imagine a better New York pizza experience if you tried.

The pizza is probably the best I have had in New York. I know, I know, everyone says that about their favorite pizza place. But, if you are looking for iconic, New York-style pizza, then John’s is where to find it.

You don’t order by the slice. Instead, you order by the “pie”; small is six slices and large is eight. Our order is pretty much all the same. An original pizza with pepperoni and ricotta cheese added. Split among four people, it averages $6 each. The cheese is the perfect combination of melt-in-your-mouth and stringy. The sauce-to-topping ratio is balanced with a skill that few can master. And, the fresh, baked flavor is overwhelmingly delicious. 20091220-supino-supino

And, of course, you cannot eat pizza without wine (in my case) or beer (in the case of my friends). Again, you cannot go wrong at John’s. My favorite part is that, just like in Italy, you can order a ½ carafe of wine or a full carafe of wine. It’s a better deal, and you don’t have to wait for a waiter to keep pouring your glass, basically a win-win.

Calorie-conscious or not, if you want a cheaper dinner in a setting that will get you rehashing your life-long dreams, family problems and work struggles, then John’s Pizzeria of Times Square is the place to go.


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