Birthday, Brunch and Blizzards; Oh My


If you follow me at all on social media, you will know that I recently turned 23. Yay me. Now, 23 could be a boring, “woe is me” birthday. But that’s not the case when you live in New York City, have a great group of friends and plan out every moment.

Oh, and the blizzard of the decade didn’t hurt either. If you want to have the ultimate birthday at any age, follow my guide while learning how amazing turning older can really be.

Day 1 (Yes, birthdays are two day adventures)

Get dinner with your best friends.

Start with drinks, in my case wine, and then go to a restaurant you have been dying to try. Or, you could go to your favorite one. I decided to go to Tex-Mex, because that is just not a commonality in New York. In fact, it is really difficult to find good Tex-Mex. We got lucky and found a restaurant, Javelina, that actually serves FREE chips and salsa. Although this may be the norm in other states, it is definitely NOT normal in New York City. It was a little pricey, but it was my BIRTHDAY, so it was worth it. We ate until we almost toppled over with food babies and chased down our food with margaritas.

Day 2

Go out in the blizzard of the decade.snow

When you wake up to nine inches of snow, and counting, you can’t cancel all of your plans and pout. Instead, go outside and jump in the biggest pile of snow that you can find. You can’t change the weather, so it’s time to embrace it. Also, kindly (and maybe passive aggressively) remind your friends that the blizzard is no excuse to miss out on the day’s birthday festivities.

Go to BOTTOMLESS brunch.

Bottomless brunch is basically a birthday staple. You can’t skip it. Nothing screams “BIRTHDAY” better than two hours of bottomless screwdrivers and mimosas. Our endeavor, however took a slight turn. Upon walking into Dukes, the waitress said, “We are closing in an hour.” To which we all responded, “Challenge accepted. We would like bottomless screwdrivers and keep them coming.”

We ordered our food, and we started drinking. The snow pummeled the roads, the Governor enlisted a travel ban after 2:30 p.m., yet we kept on our normal path.

Get random boys to pay for your bar tab.

This sounds more difficult than it actually is (or in our case, was). All you really have to do is be nice to strangers. For example, when a kind of cute guy comes up to your table and asks if anyone is sitting at the seat on the end, say, “No, you can sit there.” Furthermore, when he asks if his two kind of cute friends can sit there too, say, “Yes. Sure.”

Then, proceed to keep drinking your bottomless drinks and make them laugh with your trivia questions. When they offer to buy the next round of drinks, say, “Yes,” even though you know the drinks are bottomless already. They will figure it out, or the waitress will tell them.

Hopefully all of these things in combination will work out for you as well as it did for us, and they will pay your $200 bill before they leave.


Go bar hopping.snow 2

Blizzard or no blizzard, you must go to bars. If you are in a blizzard, be prepared for the bars to be FILLED with young adults seeking asylum from their shoe-box apartments on a Saturday afternoon. Similarly, walking is a little difficult during a blizzard, so be prepared to fall a lot, break your coat and get snow thrown in your face from a “friend”. Also, don’t be afraid to walk in the middle of the street; there is a travel ban, after all!


Get your birthday kisses (insert parental discretion).

I wouldn’t advise this to everyone, i.e. if you are married, in a relationship, or dating someone who might follow you on SnapChat; but you should definitely get a birthday kiss for every year you are alive. In my case, this was 23. Now, these can be as harmless as you want them to be, or not. Either way, it makes for a fun bar game. And, it’s your birthday so people can’t object.


Don’t forget to exercise.

When you have successfully completed a full day, and night, of celebrating your birth, you need to make sure you get plenty of exercise in, and a blizzard is the perfect opportunity. When you walk out of the bar just think, “Oh there is a travel ban? I guess I will forego the subway, too, and walk 42 blocks home.” Because that is the only way to burn off those drinks, my friends.

Be prepared on your long journey home to fall, lose a friend (and her wallet), get water in your shoes and lose feeling in your toes. Don’t worry, though, it will all be worth it. I mean, not many people can say they walked home in 26.8 inches of snow on their birthday weekend.


Thank your friends a copious amount of times.

If your friends spend all weekend celebrating you, they deserve some appreciation. If they do it during a blizzard, they deserve a celebration of their own, so THANK THEM. After all, you wouldn’t be as awesome as you are if it weren’t for your friends. (Don’t deny it; you know it’s true).


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