Make Monday Fun (Or At Least Less Miserable)

In bed on a Sunday night, it is easy to dread the coming day. Alarm set for way too early, list of duties running off in your head and a gray cloud looming in your imagination.monday-happiness

No one enjoys the beginning of the workweek, and Monday is full of #MondayBlues and #MiserableMondays on social media, of which I am definitely guilty of.

After noticing this about myself, however, I decided to turn my Mondays around. What makes Monday so miserable? Boredom? Stress? The long, five days until the weekend? Lack of friends? I really don’t know the exactness of it, but I made it my mission to turn #MondayMisery around. Here are the five tips I came up with. I hope you find them as useful as I have!

  1. Have an AMAZING breakfast.

I don’t care if you usually eat breakfast in the morning or not, no one frowns when they eat pancakes, eggs, sugary cereal or avocado toast. It just doesn’t happen. So, do your frowning, miserable self a favor and cook some breakfast! Not only will you smile, but your brain also needs food to function. Therefore, once you eat you can tackle the day smarter, faster and stronger!


  1. Plan something fun after work.

If you have something to look forward to other than your couch and Netflix binge, then I promise Monday will not be so bad. Meet a friend for dinner or a workout class. You might even try SoulCycle (although it is definitely NOT my ideal choice). Part of the miserableness of Monday, or any day of the workweek really, is that we don’t have copious amounts of time to spend with our friends. Change that. You have about four or five hours between the end of work and sleep. Use those hours to spend with your friends, family, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.


  1. Treat yourself.

Every Monday on my lunch break I get a manicure, and my day gets infinitely better. Now, manicures in NYC are only $10, and there is a salon right next door to my work, so this isn’t a stretch for me. But by treating myself, my Monday isn’t so bad. I am not saying that you need a manicure to make Monday less sucky, but get your favorite $5 Starbucks drink. Plan to go to lunch with a coworker. Eat a cookie. Do something different on Monday that makes you smile and feel special.


  1. Send an encouraging / happy text message, snap or tweet instead of a complaining / miserable one.

Happiness is contagious, but unfortunately so is misery. If you are miserable at work, don’t send 50000 texts, SnapChats and Tweets telling the entire world of your misery (I am 100 percent guilty of this). Instead, send out encouraging texts, quotes, bible versus and smiling pictures, because happiness is contagious. If you verbalize your misery, it will only compound. Do your friends and yourself a favor and SMILE through the day. It isn’t easy at first, but “fake it ‘til you make it” isn’t a cliché for nothing!


  1. Exercise.

Whether it’s at the start of your day or the end you NEED to exercise. To quote Elle Woods, “Exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.” Not that your unhappiness is leading to murder (if it is I suggest counseling), but exercise DOES release endorphins. Furthermore, it improves cognitive function. So, go for a walk on your lunch break, workout first thing in the morning OR kill two birds with one stone (I am full of clichés today) and plan a fun workout with your best friend after work! You will immediately feel better, lighter and, if that doesn’t persuade you the hard work you put in during the week improves your sex appeal for the weekend.


I am not always a happy person on Mondays, but I am try my best to make them improve! After a couple weeks of using my own tips Tuesdays have superseded Mondays as the worst days of the week, and I haven’t quite figured out how to make those less sucky without going broke (if you have any tips, feel free to comment)…

So, do yourself a favor, ENJOY your Monday and put an end to all your Monday blues.


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