Wine on Tap at Lois

New York City is a wonderful place, filled with bars, restaurants and street food galore. With so many options, finding a place you attend regularly is like finding $100 plastered to the bottom of your boots. Yes, it is just as rare. Even if you find a place you like, it takes commitment, resembling that of a relationship, to go back weekend after weekend.

Lois, located in the East Village is the only constant relationship in my life at this moment. It isn’t showy, fancy or expensive, but it easily trumps any other wine bar. It is my go-to for girl’s nights, my go-to for tourists and my go-to for when I have no idea what I want to do.

FullSizeRender (20)What makes Lois so spectacular? Well, lets begin with the location. In East Village, on Avenue C, Lois is somewhat hidden. There is no elaborate, stand out sign to draw people in. You must know about it to go there. It is also far, far away from any tourist hot spots.

The lights are dim, and if you come on a weekend night after 8:00, expect there to be no place to sit. But, thankfully, there are plenty of other low-key bars in East Village you can venture to while you wait for a table to open up. In fact, once I went to two different bars for a drink. In between bars, I hopped back into Lois to see if there was any table or bar space. Thankfully, after my third try I succeeded.

Why was I so adamant to go to this hole-in-the-wall wine bar? Because, three words: Wine. On. Tap.

Lois bartenders don’t open a bottle of wine for you. No, instead they pour wine out of a tap. They have a wide selection that is constantly changing, and you can buy a glass, a small carafe, a medium carafe or a full carafe (which is basically a full bottle). The prices aren’t too bad either, especially if you are splitting a full carafe, which is what I normally do. The glasses aren’t your typical wine glasses either. They are hipster and stem-less (I assume for less spills?). They are short and round and hold the perfect amount of too-much wine.

FullSizeRender (21)

The wine list changes often, so I am constantly introduced to new types and varieties. I usually opt for the cheapest red (because I am a young adult after all and have a budget to stick to), but I never feel less “fancy.”

Time lost in Lois is never time wasted. Whether it’s to kick-off a night full of bar hopping or stay until closing time, Lois is by far my favorite wine bar in the city. Oh, and their cheese is amazing too.


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