The Magic of Restaurant Week

Restaurant week in New York City is an amazing, wonderful time filled with magic and heavenly tastes that match the amazing sun-rises over the east river (seriously, tell me this isn’t magical).

Okay, that may be an exaggeration, and I may have only mentioned “magic” because I am currently reading Harry Potter And The Cursed Child (pause for dramatic effect), BUT I did have an awesome restaurant week experience at Root & Bone in New York City.

My friends and I  went for a birthday brunch on Saturday, and we were pleasantly surprised that for $28 we would receive a first, second and third course. Yum!

IMG_1914First, let’s start with Root & Bone. It is a quaint, rustic-looking, southern grandma-styled restaurant, complete with painted plates and an old-wood smell. I was immediately taken back to a Texas country styled home-turned restaurant sitting alone on the side of the highway, this mostly thanks to a bar tap with horns for handles. And believe me, the food was just as enticing.

I ordered a rosé (because, summer) and was surprised that it came in a miniature glass bottle and no glass. For my first course I chose a salad with ricotta, other options were a biscuit, which I now wish I chose (I tried my friend’s and it was by far the best option) and pickled deviled eggs.

For the second course, I had eggs benedict on……. WAFFLES. Yes. Waffles. Miniature waffles, that were absolutely the best part of my meal. The other options were fried chicken and, you guessed it, waffles or you could choose roasted tomato toast. I know their full brunch menu has more options, but these are what we could get for the restaurant week deal.


Dessert was probably my favorite part (it always is). We had the option of smore’s or ice cream sandwich. I, of course, went for the ice cream. But, thankfully I have amazing friends who let me try the smore’s too. The ice cream was maple-pecan flavored, sandwiched between two waffles (I was waffled out by this point and just ate the ice cream). The smore’s dessert was equally delicious with a rich chocolate pudding on a base of crushed chocolate cookies and topped with toasted, marshmallow fluff. Really, heaven.



Like I said, restaurant week is a magical time in New York. Everyone should venture out on restaurant week and experience the magic for yourselves!

On that note, it’s time for me to return to Harry Potter (because, priorities).


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